About Us!

Hi my name is Linda Fraser. I along with my husband and two small children, Izzy and Caitlin, and our excitable young Jack Russell Marsha, are the owners of Dogs to Bed. I am committed to providing you with a fantastic, easy way, for you to find that perfect dog bed for your four legged family member! After years of owning dogs and going through many dog beds, I grew frustrated at buying inferior products. I wanted a dog bed that would last, but also one that my dog would love. Marsha at the moment has 3 beds and loves them all. One for inside, one for outside and one for when we go travelling. As I have a young family I find myself time poor. While looking for another bed for Marsha, I discovered that there wasn’t a lot of choice for comfortable well made beds.

I realised that there was a huge need among passionate dog owners like myself, to be able to find unique, high quality, finely crafted dog beds all in one place. (No running around all over town). This is why I started Dogs to Bed, an online store that you can buy from, in the comfort of your own home. I guarantee to provide you with quality, affordable Australian and International made products. Produced from the best materials available. These Dog Beds will not only look fabulous in your home, but they will keep any active dog happy, comfortable and healthy just like Marsha.

After researching many companies, I believe that I can supply you with not only the best products on the market, but a helpful and honest company in which to purchase these products through. You order your dog bed online and I will deliver it directly to your door. If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback for our website or products, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

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Website Design Melbourne

Web Design Melbourne

Web design Melbourne is a full digital agency with experts in web design dedicated to producing high-end custom websites, grow businesses and push boundaries in technology. It works with start-ups and established business across a diverse range of industries and help them define their web requirements that match their organizational goals in industry context and current trends.

Core Functions of Web Design Melbourne

Web Design

Websites are designed based on the clients’ requirements and demand. The result is a unique design which reflects business branding capturing organized graphic design, website copy, website photos and website videos

Web Development

Melbourne offers a wide range of web development solutions to suit client needs, from coded websites to hosted platforms such as Square space and Shopify, e-commerce, and email marketing development.

Web Strategy

Website strategy entails the planning process before design & development, Digital marketing & email marketing strategy – all work together to bring out the best solution for your business

Online strategy is an essential part of web design which is key to set goals and strategy before the design process of the website

Aspects to Consider in Creation of a Website

Intended Purpose

This the critical process in web development, it directs their user experience, technical skills, and creative solutions. Intended purpose calls for Melbourne team to listen, think, calculate and code to achieve results in the business. This step focuses on the achievement of a tone that is aligned with objectives of the client.

A Client-Centered Website

Web design Melbourne – find out more here: https://www.gmgweb.com.au – is concerned to development of a detailed web that is architectured to meet the business and marketing plan. Depending on where the company is headed to and its endeavors, the web will have a significant impact on the company’s development, since the designs are user based, then the landing page belongs to them hence its key to deliver a user-friendly web.

A Responsive Web Design

Web designs are designed to be compatible with all devices which access the internet, ranging from laptops, smartphones, and desktops. Substantial usage of portable gadgets has rendered easy interaction to businesses irrespective of where they are. Melbourne has taken up the responsibility to twin services such as PPC and SEO to make sure the client marketing strategy and reach are not limited.

Content Control Mechanisms

Web design Melbourne has been on the market for long. It has developed webs that have worked out efficiently; loading quickly, impressive graphic display on any device which leaves customers satisfied. Clients are the epitome of any web popularity, hence the web design Melbourne is concerned in managing the functionality, usage type of the website and establishing back-end fit system that suites customers.

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