Waterproof Dog Pillow

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Dog Bed Waterproof fabric Waterproof Covers are ideal for use in a kennel or verandah!

                                                     Removable Covers made from our NEW waterproof fabric range are machine washable.

  • Removable Dog Pillow Covers made from waterproof fabric are machine washable.
  • Dog pillows are filled with thousands of tiny polyester flakes,
    keeping the loft of the dog pillow, allowing the dog or cat to snuggle in.
  • Lightweight, dog pillows are easily transportable.
  • Inserts can be washed by machine or hose, depending on the size of the dog pillow.
  • All inserts for dog pillows have zips allowing for 'top up' if required.
    If the dog is heavy, bags of filling can be purchased to 'top' it up,

    or if the insert is too full and the dog is only light some can be removed.
    This means you have no need to buy new beds, just more insert stuffing.
    The price for bags of stuffing ranges from $15 up.
    Please contact the shop for a current price.

  • A full guarantee is offered against manufacturing flaws and defects.


    New waterproof covers.

    This fabric has a concealed film of plastic that prevents moisture from seeping through into the pillow insert.

    If your dog is incontinent, a suggestion is to purchase a spare cover. This way, as the dog wets, the cover can be removed and washed, and the spare one is used, keeping the dog clean and fresh.

    A RRRUFF! Waterproof cover will not only look great and feel super soft, but also serve to absorb the urine.

     Micro polar fleece /water proof/fire retardant.

    Super strong fabric.

    Available in Khaki and Navy   


    Chunky extra strong zipper

    Cover is guaranteed against flaws and defects in the fabric or construction.

    Lovingly made in NSW, Australia 

    Click here to order a a spare cover for your mat.

    Waterproof Dog Pillow

    Waterproof Dog Pillow

    Medium 800mm x 600mm
    Large 1000mm x 670mm
    X-Large 1000mm x 800mm
    XX-Large 1300mm x 1050mm
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